Sheet Metal Contractor Books

Book Set for the Sheet Metal State Contractor Exam (Including the Business Books)

Book Set for the Sheet Metal State Contractor Exam (Does NOT Include the Business Books)

2020 Florida Building Code Plumbing

2020 Florida Building Code Mechanical

SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards, Metal and Flexible, 3rd Edition

SMACNA Fibrous Glass Duct Construction Standards. 7th Edition

SMACNA Architectural Sheet Metal Manual, 2012

NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control & Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, 2017 Edition

NFPA 90A Standard for the Installation of A/C & Ventilating Systems, 2018 Edition

NFPA 90B Standard for the Installation of Warm Air Heating & A/C Systems, 2018 Edition

NFPA 91 Standard for Exhaust Systems for Air Conveying of Vapor, Gases, Mists and Non-combustible Particulate Solids, 2015 Edition
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Trane Ductulator

The Builder’s Guide to Accounting, Revised by Michael C. Thomsett

OSHA Title 29 Part 1926

Florida Contractors Manual 2021 (Includes FL Statutes Ch. 455)

AIA A-201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, 2017

AIA A-401 Standard Form of Agreement Between Contractor & Subcontractor, 2017

AIA A-701 Instructions to Bidders, 2018