Florida Licensure For Out-Of-State General/Builder/
Residential And Roofing Contractors

Florida now has programs for Out-of-State General/Builder/Residential and Roofing Contractors. If you are a State Certified Contractor with 10 years experience within your State you may be eligible to bypass some of the examination requirements.

State Certified General/Builder/
Residential and Roofing Contractors with 10 years of Experience

Contractors may be eligible to become a Florida General/Builder/Residential Contractor without taking an examination. If you hold a valid license to practice contracting issued by another state or United State territory and if the criteria for issuance of such license is substantially equivalent to Florida’s current certification criteria. This is a two hour course containing one hour of Advanced Building Code and one hour of Wind Mitigation Techniques. which will be required to complete your application.

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