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AAA Construction School is now offering our successful Exam Preparation program in an Online format so you can participate no matter where you live.

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We Help You Prepare For The State's Open Book Exam By:

IMPORTANT: Upon Purchase, Your Online package Will Be Active/Available On Your Device For 6 Months. If you are using a phone, tablet, or notebook, please call us if you have any difficulties accessing your online course materials!! (904-722-9994)

  1. Showing you how to Tab and Highlight your books in the State approved manner. We cover those areas of the books from which you will most likely see questions.
  2. Visually solving Math questions showing you formulas and techniques to answer math questions you will see on the test.
  3. Testing your progress through practice quizzes. Quizzes are randomly generated from a data bank of hundreds of questions. You can take practice quizzes over and over never repeating the same quiz.
  4. Using the Flashcard program for quick and easy memorization of answers. Flashcards show the correct answer the reference and math solution when required. You will be able to review every question.
  5. Taking a Final Exam simulation with the same number of questions and time limit as the State’s test so you can practice time management and your test taking skill. This section may also be taken as often as necessary to ensure passing the first time.