Commercial Pool Online Exam Preparation

A “commercial pool/spa contractor” means a contractor whose scope of work involves, but is not limited to:

the construction, repair, and servicing of any swimming pool, or hot tub or spa, including the repair or replacement of existing equipment or the installation of new equipment, as necessary;

the layout, excavation, operation of construction pumps for dewatering purposes, steelwork, installation of light niches, construction of floors, guniting, fiberglassing, installation of tile and coping, installation of all perimeter and filter piping, installation of all filter equipment and chemical feeders of any type, plastering of the interior, construction of decks, construction of equipment rooms or housing for pool equipment, and installation of package pool heaters; and

includes the scope of work of a swimming pool/spa servicing contractor.

A “commercial pool/spa contractor” cannot perform direct connections to a sanitary sewer system or to potable water lines.

The installation, construction, modification, or replacement of equipment permanently attached to and associated with the pool or spa for the purpose of water treatment or cleaning of the pool or spa requires licensure; however, the usage of such equipment for the purposes of water treatment or cleaning shall not require licensure unless the usage involves construction, modification, or replacement of such equipment.

Requirements to apply for a Certified Commercial Pool License:
  • EXAMINATION: Individuals seeking licensure as a CERTIFIED contractor must first take and pass a state certification examination.

    EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION: Applicants are required to have four years of W2 experience or a combination of college and experience.

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