Underground Utility Online Exam Preparation

The Online Course covers in great detail:  Tabbing and Highlighting your books, a video series on Underground Utility Math Questions, lots of practice questions and a Final Exam simulation.

Do you qualify?

It’s bad for us and bad for you if you pass the test but do not meet the State’s requirements for licensure. If you are not sure call
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Scope of Work:

An “underground utility and excavation contractor” means a contractor whose services are limited to the construction, installation, and repair of:

main sanitary sewer collection systems;

main water distribution systems;

storm sewer collection systems;

the continuation of utility lines from the main systems to a point of termination up to and including the meter location for the individual occupancy, sewer collection systems at property line on residential or single-occupancy commercial properties, or on multioccupancy properties at manhole or wye lateral extended to an invert elevation as engineered to accommodate future building sewers, water distribution systems, or storm sewer collection systems at storm sewer structures; and

install empty underground conduits in rights-of-way, easements, platted rights-of-way in new site development, and sleeves for parking lot crossings no smaller than 2 inches in diameter, provided that each conduit system installed is designed by a licensed professional engineer or an authorized employee of a municipality, county, or public utility and that the installation of any such conduit does not include installation of any conductor wiring or connection to an energized electrical system.

An underground utility and excavation contractor shall not install any piping that is an integral part of a fire protection system as defined in s. 633.021 beginning at the point where the piping is used exclusively for such system.

Requirements to apply for a Certified Underground Utility License:
  • EXAMINATION: Individuals seeking licensure as a CERTIFIED contractor must first take and pass a state certification examination.

    EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION: Applicants are required to have four years of W2 experience or a combination of college and experience.

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