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Your Self Study Includes;

Highlighting 101 – Tab and highlight the General/Builder/Residential Trade Books.  Properly tabbed and highlighted books make the open book exam much easier to pass.  A Online Audio Course set helps you prepare your trade books for the State exam.  LIsten as the instructor takes you through your trade books, suggesting where, what and how to tab and highlight your books.  You should also listen to the Online Audio whenever possible with or without the books.  The instructor reads the passages in the books so you will know what to expect test day ensuring your success! Listen to the CD’s as many times as possible to easily and properly prepared yourself to pass the first time.

Trade Notebook – Included are 500 plus Exam Questions and Answers covering BOTH the Mandatory and Optional trade reference books.  There are ten paper examinations with solutions, plus plans.  These exams cover hundreds of current exam questions, complete with book references and math solutions.

Each Examination contains a section of mandatory questions and answers; followed by a section of questions and answers taken from the optional trade references.  These exams mirror material contained in State examinations.  Working through these exams and solutions takes the guesswork out of what to expect when you test!

General/Builder or Residential Math DVD – This DVD focuses on math knowledge necessary for General/Builder or Residential estimating questions.  The DVD is color coded along with a matching workbook so you may easily identify how math questions are solved during an examination.  You will find this DVD very useful for estimating in the real world.  The most important person in any construction business is always the estimator.  You do not need to know how to solve all math questions on the exam to pass.  All questions on the exam have the same point value.  This DVD is designed to assist you in identifying which math questions YOU deem easy and those which simply take too much time.  If you do the easy math as you go through the exam and save the difficult math until the end you will be a very happy person when you receive your grade.  Management is the secret to success and during the examination, time management is critical.  This DVD puts you in the driver’s seat.

Essential Survival Guide – Included are formulas to “short-cut" the math problem solving questions so common on exams; the “Nuts and Bolts of Construction", a must for all trades to learn the basics of the construction industry from definitions to estimating and completing a project.  In addition, are summaries of Florida Statute 440 (Workers Compensation); Chapter 455 (Business and Professional Regulations); Chapter 489 (Construction Contracting); Chapter 713 (Construction Lien Law); Environmental Compliance for the Construction Industry and more!

Practice – Study –  Get prepared – PASS THE FIRST TIME!

If you really want to pass, this is the ticket!

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Mechanical & Air Conditioning A/B
Technical Help
– Tabbing and Highlighting your books, Math videos, Flashcard Questions and Practice Quizzes and Final Exam that has the same number of questions and time limit as the State’s test.
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Technical Help
NOW ONLINE – Tabbing and Highlighting your books, Math videos, Flashcard Questions and Practice Quizzes and Final Exam that has the same number of questions and time limit as the State’s test.
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Technical Help
Technical Books Highlighting 101
– The Online Audio Course set instructs you on the page number, text to highlight and how to tab the page for the exam. With or without the books listen to the Online Audio as you prepare to pass the first time. A properly tabbed and highlighted book makes the open book exam much easier.

Technical Notebook – Over 500 Questions and answers with step-by-step explanations and refereneces. Great practice!

Online Practice Tests – Test your knowledge and test taking skills with randomly generated online practice tests.

PASS THE FIRST TIME! If you really want to make sure this is the ticket!

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