14 Hour ConEd for Contractors who are also Home Inspectors

If you are a Florida Contractor and a Home Inspector you do not need to take two 14 courses to meet your ConEd requirements for both licenses. We have a State Approved course that will fulfill your 14 Hour requirement for your Contractors license and 12 General Hours for your Home Inspection License. You will need to take a 2 hour Hurricane Mitigation Course to fulfill the Mandatory Requirements for your Home Inspection License. YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE BOTH:

6 Mandatory Hours And 8 Building

***Contractor Special***
CE# 0611236: 12 HI General Hours
All 14 Hours for Contractors

Are you a Contractor and hold a Home Inspection License? No need to take (2) 14 hour courses. We have a State approved course that will give you 14 hours for your Contractor license and 12 general hours for your Home Inspection License. A 2 hour hurricane mitigation course will finsh your Home Inspection License requirements. See below.
Important Note: When you purchase the 14 Hour Course you will be given the chance to add the 2 hour course during the checkout procedure.

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Home Inspection Hurricane Mitigation
CE# 0000516: 2 Mandatory Hours
This course will give you 2 Mandatory Hurricane Mitigation Hours for your Home Inspection License. If you purchased “6 Mandatory Hours And 8 Building – Course Number 0611236" you will need this course to finish your Home Inspection requirements.
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