Florida Licensure for Out-of-State General/Builder/Residential and Roofing Contractors

Florida now has two programs for Out-of-State General/Builder/Residential and Roofing Contractors.  If you are a State Certified Contractor who has passed the NASCLA exam or are a State Certified Contractor with 10 years experience within your State.

NASCLA Certified Contractors

The Certification by Endorsement Examination Equivalency Online Course is NOW available to all out of state General, Builder or Residential Contractors who have passed the NASCLA General, Builder or Residential contractor exams. This six (6) hour course consists of a review of the Florida Code.

Course Cost: $599!  (Does not include the cost of the code books)  This includes the Mandatory Proctored Exam.

* Successful completion of this mandatory course and proctored exam exempts the contractor from taking the TRADE portion of the General, Builder or Residential Florida State Exam.

* This course does not exempt the contractor from the necessity of taking and passing the Business and Finance portion of the Florida State Exam.

* The student must present proof of NASCLA certification; a photo ID and one other form of identification on the day of the exam.

* The mandatory 100 question proctored exam is an open book online zoom exam. The student will have up to three hours to complete the exam. A passing score of 70 % or greater is required.

* AAA Construction School, Inc. sells EVERYTHING you need to successfully complete the course! This includes:

Five 2020 FLORIDA Code Books (Building; Residential; Existing; Accessibility; and Energy)

Permanent tabs (x3) and Highlighters

Buy the necessary Code Books and supplies AT THE SAME TIME and receive TEN PERCENT OFF the cost of the required Code Books!  Please call our office at 904-722-9994 to make your purchase or to obtain the coupon code and the link for the packaged products.

61G4-15.004 Certification by Endorsement: Examination Equivalency.

An applicant for certification by endorsement as a certified general contractor, certified building contractor, or certified residential contractor is considered to meet the requirement of having taken an examination of substantial equivalency, pursuant to section 489.115(3)(a), Florida Statutes, by completing the items below:
(1) Provide evidence of successfully passing the 2009-2018 or like version of The Commercial General Building Contractors examination of the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies; and
(2) Take and successfully pass or provide evidence of having passed The Business and Finance examination pursuant to subsection 61G4-16.001(22), F.A.C; and
(3) Provide verification of having taken and passed any proctored examination covering the Florida Building Code administered by or through the Department.

Rulemaking Authority 489.108, 489.115(3) FS. Law Implemented 489.115(3) FS. History–New 1-10-80, Formerly 21E-15.04, 21E-15.004, Amended 7-18-94, 11-13-97, 3-10-19.

Florida Licensure for Out-of-State NASCLA General/Builder/Residential Contractors ONLINE COURSE ($599)
Please call our office to confirm eligibility and to enroll  904-722-9994
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Exam Location:

AAA Construction School
34 Arlington Road South
Jacksonville, FL 32216

State Certified General/Builder/Residential and Roofing Contractors with 10 years of Experience

Contractors may be eligible to become a Florida General/Builder/Residential Contractor without taking an examination.  If you hold a valid license to practice contracting issued by another state or United State territory and if the criteria for issuance of such license is substantially equivalent to Florida's current certification criteria.  This is a two hour course containing one hour of Advanced Building Code and one hour of Wind Mitigation Techniques. which will be required to complete your application.

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